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Finishing School


All Ages: Boys & Girls 
Date: Sundays, Oct. 20–Nov. 24
Time: 4:00–5:30pm
Location(s): LFA Training Center, Outdoor Grass Field
1 Rams Way, Earth City, MO 63045
Price: $115

General Info

Led by Lou Fusz's Mike Ambersley, this camp is open to any current players wanting to work on their shooting, goal scoring, etc. Each player will take over 1,000 shots on goal over the 6 week session while being taught the proper techniques and form for each type of finish. Through repetition, players will gain confidence in front of the goal by building muscle memory on the field. Players will be put in different areas on the field where scoring chances occur while learning the type of shot that is best for that area. This school is not created just for forwards, midfielders and defenders should also be trained in the skills of finishing. Coaches, understandably, do not always have time to to plan sessions around ball striking and finishing. This means players can fall behind in the most important phase of the game, scoring goals. Goals can change games and momentum — scoring goals is a learned skill that must be practiced consistently to be successful.

Skills taught in our Finishing School:
• Proper techniques of shooting from each foot
• 1st timers and 2 touch shots from distance
• Receiving with back to goal, turning and finishing
• 1v1 techniques to goal
• Side volleys and half volleys
• Headers with near and far post runs
• Curving shots and chipping balls
• Breakaways and 1v1 with keeper