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Player of the Month 2019

Lou Fusz Athletic POTM

Lou Fusz Athletic is proud to recognize these athletes as our Player Of The Month. These athletes demonstrate our Fusz Philosophy on and off the field, and have achieved outstanding victories and improvements.  We look forward to watching our athletes and teams grow into well rounded soccer player. If you would like to nominate a player, please fill out the POTM & COTM FORM

October 2019


Dylan Woodley — Center
LFA Blue Star Premier
He likes to play center mid and recently has picked up an interest in playing goalie, but he is used everywhere on the field. Dylan is a bit of a free kick specialist having scored a few this season even one from half field in the final of a tournament.


Emi Pope — Wing Back & Center Defense
LFA McKee/McVey 03G
At the end of October, Emi helped lead the 03s to their 3rd consecutive State Cup crown, anchoring a defense that gave up 2 goals in 5 games. She’s had a busy year in 2019, winning a National League Division Title, a Midwest Regional Championship, a USYS National Championship, Missouri State Cup & a Midwest Conference Premier I Title. She also speaks fluent Japanese and leads the league in personality.

September 2019


Abby Walsh — Left Wing & Left Defense
LFA Red Star Major 09
She always wears a smile and works hard at becoming a better teammate and player.  Her ball mastery and striking mechanics have greatly improved since the start of the season which have resulted in many assists and goals. Her work ethic and cooperative spirit is a great example for her team; she definitely leads by example, whether it be helping her teammates to pack up pennies at the end of practice or finding the back of the net in big games.


Fielding Choate — Left Middle
LFA Red Star Premiere 11
Fielding has scored 5 hat tricks for his team this year.

August 2019


Kate Reuter — Midfield & Striker
LFA Blue Star Premier 11
Kate plays midfield or striker and says her greatest skills are her speed and foot skills with the ball when finding a teammate to pass to. Her sports idol is Lionel Messi because, just like her, Messi was born with a growth hormone deficiency as well. He is the smallest, but also the best, and she can relate because she was born at 23 weeks old and weighed only 1lb 6oz! She spent 141 days in the NICU at St. Louis Childrens Hospital and now FULL of energy! Kate loves playing for Lou Fusz because of her coaches Jake and Jason as well as being around all of her friends and teammates. Kate loves being part of a team, working hard together at practice but mostly, having fun! Her biggest challenge is her size, since she is a little smaller but her coach describes her as “the player with the biggest fight who has more tricks than a magician!”


Austin Arbuthnot — Position
LFA 2008 Red Star Premier
Austin stuck through a bit of a tough year last year but has come out this year as a stronger player with a strong determination to always get better! Austin says that his greatest strength is shooting and loves his coaches for Lou Fusz. His favorite part about the game of soccer is that it is very fast paced and if you're losing you have the chance in a short period of time to turn the game around and win if you don't give up!

July 2019


Jack Miromonti — Center Back
LFA Limpert 03B
Jack is a very smart and steady player for his team at defensive mid. He does a great job slowing the other teams attack down helping us get numbers back. Limpert asked Jack to step into the center back role the second half of the season when the starting center back went down with a season ending injury. Jack had not played back there and stepped in and did a great job not only learning the position but playing as if he had always played the position. Jack's adjustment for the team was a big part of why they made another State Cup Final and also why they were able to get promoted into MRL 1 for the upcoming season.


Brook Cattor— Forward
LFA Geerling 05G
Brooke is a hard working player with a bright future ahead of her. She strives to get better every day and sets an example for her teammates with her work ethic each time she steps on the pitch. The Geerling 05 team made it to the USYS National Championships where Brooke played a pivotal role. Her play during the tournament was well-noticed as she was awarded the Golden Ball which is the award for the tournament’s most valuable player.

June 2019


Lauren Van Rhein — Forward Wing
LFA Blue Star 08G
"Lauren AKA LVR is a very high energy player who does not know to to take it down a notch. Her active movement with and without the ball is an art, even at this young age. Her passion to compete is just amazing. In the Premier SuperCopa tournament this month she was involved in about half of the goals that the team scored with an assist, a goal and a PK" ~ Coach. Lauren has been playing for LFA for 3 years and her greatest attribute is her speed and ability to see the field when making a play.


Travis Kircher — Left Back & Center Midfield
LFA Carron 01B
Bio goes here.

May 2019


Lauren Ormont — Center Defense / Sweeper
LFA Tennill/Fundoukos 04G
Lauren started playing soccer for LFA when she was 8 years old as a solid performer and has turned herself into one of the team's fiercest competitors. This transformation is all due to her hard work and dedication to the sport and her teammates. The team just returned from Kansas City as Champions of The Nutmeg, a tournament held at the Polo Grounds. Traveling with only 12 players and no goal keeper, Lauren anchored the defense at center back, played every minute leading the team to four straight wins. She scored a goal to boot, helping to take home the Championship trophy. She loves the adrenaline rush, competitiveness, team bonding and relationships with her teammates/coaches.


Collin Pinkston — Center Defensive Mid
LFA Wipke 05B
Bio goes here.

April 2019


Drake Thompson — Center Mid
LFA Wipke 05B
Drake Thompson has played for Lou Fusz with Jim Wipke since he was 8 years old. He is an incredibly talented player who was one of 18 players selected from an ID Camp in Saginaw Valley, Michigan for the Regional ODP team. The Region 2 ODP team recently traveled to Eidenburgh, Scotland where he played in the Heart of Midlothain Invitational against Arsenal Academy, Celtic FC Academy and the Rangers FC academy. Drake is also a big supporter of his teammates. He always cares about the success of the team as a whole and is a great teammate.


Madelyn Smith — Midfield
LFA McKee/McVey Blue 03G
During the Fall of 2018, Madelyn played a major role in leading the team to a 2nd successive Missouri State Cup title, a National League Midwest Conference title, and a U16G USYS National League Division title. Madelyn was also recognized for her individual accomplishments, being named to the Midwest Conference Best XI for the Fall of 2018. She tallied six goals in seven National League games putting her in a second place tie for most goals scored by any U16G player in the National League. Madelyn has recently committed to continue her playing career at Saint Louis University and we could not be happier for what the future has in store for this talented player.

March 2019


Maksim Levkovska — Position
LFA Blue Star 09B
Maksim scored 13 goals in 3 games in March!! He defensively helped the team win all three as well. He’s very good at attacking defenders and being creative on the ball. In addition, he also racked up a few assists during March.


Morgan Struttman — Forward
LFA Geerling 05G
Morgan played a key role in the success LFA Geerling 05G had in Las Vegas. Morgan scored 3 of the 7 goals that weekend and assisting on 2 more. The most important goal was the game winner in the final game to capture the National League title. Her unselfish play and willingness to compete had a big impact in each game.

February 2019


Alana Donnelly — Centerback
LFA Morrison Red 07G
Donnelly wears number 32 and plays centerback for Morrison Team Red. This 18/19 season Donnelly has worked hard to become very confident on the ball and is a highly skilled and intelligent player. Alana demonstrates the Fusz Philosophy by showing major progress and enjoyment of the game.


Timmy Walhauser — Defense
LFA Wipke 05B
This is Walhausers first season with Lou Fusz and plays for Wipke Boys 05. This 18/19 season Walhauser has shown great leadership qualities. He is extremely confident in his defensive position and has helped lead his team to 3 tournament victories including SLSG Friendlies, Adam Ragsdale, and The Norco.

January 2019


Chloe Netzel — Forward
LFA McKee/McVey Blue 03G
January's Player of the Month is Chloe Netzel! This 18/19 season, Netzel has helped her team take home a State Cup title and the National League Division title! Netzel shows leadership on and off the field and demonstrates the Fusz Philosophy by putting in hard work on the field. In November, Netzel was also named to National League Midwest Conference Top XI!