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St. Louis, MO - Lou Fusz Athletic would like to recognize and thank all
the young ladies in the 2001 / 2002 age groups that are committed to
continuing with the beautiful game at the next level.

“These age groups have been committed to the game now for years, and
have done an incredible amount to put themselves, and our club, on the
map,” said Dan Gargan, LFA Managing Director. “To be able to commit
yourself to another step in your development as a player, and a person,
is a testament to their work ethic and competitive spirit. This drive
will continue to serve them well and we couldn't be prouder to have
helped aid that process.”

Lou Fusz Athletic would also like to thank all the families and coaches
that have played and will continue to play a selfless role in serving
our youth. The hours given to help another succeed is a great reflection
of the type of club we strive to be.

“Playing in college is an experience that these players will never
forget, and a reward from dedicating themselves to their craft.” said
David Critchley, LFA Technical Director. “The real gift is being
given another opportunity to test yourself, and prove that you have what
it takes. That's what every competitive player wants.”

Congratulations to all the girls that committed on National Signing Day,
and those that are still in the process of identifying and narrowing
down their choices.

“We want to thank all the girls for allowing Lou Fusz to be the place
they have developed their game,” continued Dan Gargan. “They've
learned a great deal from their coaches, their teammates, and their
experiences along the way. Being recognized to take their talent to the
next level is no small achievement.”


Camielle Day - Missouri State University
Lauren Shah - Arkansas State University
Lily Dahl - University of Southern Indiana
Zoey Vogel - Rockhurst University
Paige Vanek - University of Southern Indiana
Mackenzie Jones - Grand Valley State University
Rachel Martin - Maryville University
Halle Ezell - Maryville University
Riley Casey - Belmont University
Lyndsey Heckel - St. Louis University


Madison Ledbetter - Quincy University
Grace Ledbetter - Quincy University
Annalise Beck - Quincy University
Jessica Preusser - St. Louis University
Brianna Davis - MO Western University
Maria Alexopoulos - University of Evansville
Anna Stiffler - Quincy University
Rose Behrmann - Coastal Carolina University
Hanna Jones - Illinois State University
Amaya Honore - Northern Illinois University
Emma Cadwell - Greenville University