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General Info

Thank you for your interest in the Lou Fusz Soccer Club!  We have 160+ teams located in Missouri and Illinois.  Many of these teams are looking for dedicated athletes willing to compete at all levels of select soccer – whether you are just starting out or are on your way to college scholarships!

Our club's kick arounds and tryouts are typically held during the months of May and June. Some individual teams from Lou Fusz Athletic may host additional tryouts beyond our usual club kick around listings. If you know of a specific coach/team you want to play for, you may contact the coach using our Team Directory. If you are wanting to meet with or tryout for a Fusz team but will miss our club kick arounds, please click the boys or girls "Team Tryout Listing" to see if any teams in your age bracket have an available spot on their team.

JUNE 9, 2019 is the Eastern MO District's official tryout date; offers of roster placement are not allowed prior to June 9th per the district.

Special Congratulations to LFA McKey/McVey Blue 03G on their 2019 season. Way to go girls!