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We are the Champions!

A note from Dan Gargan...

The weather cooperated with us on a beautiful Sunday at the park, as the club took home 4 out of 5 State Cup Championships. We were witness to an '05 thriller, a complete & thorough '03 performance, an emphatic statement win from the '02s, and an emotional club career cap off victory from our '01s. To make the weekend a little sweeter, Wayland's '02 group set the tone with a President's Cup Championship on Saturday! Through the cold and the rain, the team was resolute in their intentions and walked away with a fantastic 3-1 victory over Kolping Kicks! Great job ladies and Jeff & Amy!

Tottleben's '05 group ended up in the final against a very talented Sporting group. In an early hole down 2-0 they stayed focused on the task at hand, made a couple big saves and defensive stops, and began to claw their way back in to the game. A free kick from deep and a goal at the death sent the crowd in to pandemonium as you could feel the momentum shift. They rode that wave in to overtime when Lucie Schwartz dropped a bomb from deep scoring the eventual game winner!!

Fusz didn't look back after that.

Orourke's '02 squad scratched and clawed through the group play and semi's to end up in a rematch for the final against a Sporting SGF team they drew 1-1 in group play. The team resolve and maturity this group has shown over the past year in undeniable. Building off an impressive NPL Championship this summer, the confidence these young ladies possess was on full display as they crushed Sporting 8-0 in the final. The passing, buildup play, fluid movement, and sharpness in the final 3rd led to an emphatic 1st State Cup Championship. Leah Selm was all over the park, but this was a true TEAM performance with 5 goalscorers that delivered this fantastic result (we see you Faith, Regan, Bayer, Kaitlin). Congrats Ladies!!

After the OT thriller on field 9 finished up, the reigning National Champions McKee '03 took the field to begin their quest to defend their crown. If you haven't seen these girls play, do yourself a favor and find a game and watch. Their first goal epitomized what they can do in patient build up, great individual play & delivery from Sarah Foley on the wing, and 1st class movement from Kasey Neidhardt to finish at the back post. That was all they needed to secure their 3rd consecutive State Cup Championship.

Becher's United Blue '01 capped off a fantastic career at Fusz with the final Cup Championship of the day. The group was thorough and dominant throughout the competition, scoring 13 goals and only giving up 2. They met a strong JB Marine side in the final, who had championship experience being in the final 4 times in the last 5 years, but proved no match for our young ladies as they cruised to a comfortable 2-0 victory. Seeing the girls thank the parents and fans after the game is what this is all about, and made us all here at the club very proud to see that type of gesture. The ride is not over yet, Regionals and Nationals next!!

To watch the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that all our teams put in to the grind that is a season, inspires us at the club!! Keep going!!

Respect * Hard Work * Enjoyment * Excellence * Progress

Dan Gargan