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Player Profiles

The Lou Fusz Winter College Showcase tournament is very happy to have you join us this coming weekend. As part of our continued effort to help all of the high school age players reach their college soccer aspirations, we provide each of the college coaches in attendance, with a profile book that has information on every high school aged player in the tournament.

To highlight each player and team properly, we need your assistance. This is a very simple process that we need completed by 9am, Thursday, November 29th. We will then compile all information and present all coaches with the profile information provided. Please note that as long as your team uses GotSoccer on a regular basis, most of the necessary information will auto-populate, and if you are unable to work through the steps below, don’t worry! The college coaches have been instructed to come ask us at the tournament office for additional information if a player catches their eye.

To Complete College Profile: MANAGER STEPS
1.   Go to, and click User Login, then Team Account Login. Enter your Username and Password.
2.   Directly above your Team Name bar, click “Roster”.
3.   If you have a roster please click on the “player’s name” to edit/delete.
4.   If you do not have a roster in GotSoccer, to add players or start a new roster, click “Add Player”.
5.   Complete the top tab called “Player Info”.
6.   Please fill out and check that all information is correct and up to date for each player, paying particular attention to the email address and changing if necessary to ensure notifications will be received by the proper parent/player email address.
7.   Click “Update” at the bottom of the page.
8.   Click “Roster” in the upper grey bar and then click on the next players name continuing through all players.
9.   Click again on “Roster” in the upper grey bar and then click on the blue “E-mail Players” button
10.   Send an email to your team requesting that they login to their GotSoccer account to update the remaining player and pertinent college recruiting information.
11.   Check the box at the bottom of the email that says “add player username/password at the bottom of the message.” This will ensure that all parents/players get the E-mail with their username/password.

To Complete College Profile: PARENTS/PLAYERS STEPS
1.   Player goes to and click login, choose Member Account from the left side and then “Players & Families”. They log in with their new information.
2.   Players complete the balance of the form.
3.   LF compiles info for profile book.

Our list of College Coaches attend is growing every day! This list is always posted under the schedule button online. We are working hard to bring in as many coaches as possible. The players should be emailing coaches NOT on the list inviting them to come out and see them play. Coaches are more likely to attend if they know there are interested players competing. Contact those on the list of attending schools and give them your schedule. If coaches have questions, please have them contact